Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Young transitions

College is the next step in life. You graduate high school, you’re sad, but you anticipate the excitement that will happen in three short months. You rush through summer, say a few sad good byes, pack your bags and leave your parents to go experience what is so called the “time of your life.”
Fast forward through all your college memories, all the friendships you’ve formed, and all the stressful nights you overcame. You’re less then a month away from graduation. You are about to face one of the biggest challenges and changes in your whole life.
You’ve spent the past four years creating a routine. Having friends surround you. It’s all coming to an abrupt end.  This is what I’ve learned where a lot of growing up happens. Sure, you’ve had moments in college that stretched and made you grow more then you thought, but here you are about to make the transition from a student to a working adult. You gain more responsibility and start having to pay bills without relying on your parents.
What I have come to the realization is that college was an amazing experience I would not trade for anything. Every year thousands of students graduate. Step into the real world. Make the transition to becoming what you’ve been preparing for.  So now it’s my turn. I obviously cannot stay a student for the rest of life, regardless that it’s the only thing I know.  Growing up and saying good byes to all your college friends will never be easy but it’s apart of a learning process we call life.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Where does the good go?

Everyone in there life has had one of those days where you just want to sit in the corner and cry. I know this because I’m having one of those days today.  You play your sappy sad spotify music grab the cookies forget about homework and play the bachelor on repeat. These are the days that I have learned about how much more I need God and how He puts us in difficult situations so we in turn grow closer to Him. So you have two choices, get mad at God for not giving you what you want and watch more bachelor. Or you can use the bad days as a lesson from God. Knowing very well that He has your best interest in mind. Knowing that good does come out of every situation, every bad day and every moment in your life you feel like it is falling completely apart. I’ve learned a lot about changing my mindset these past few months on every situation and rather then moping around I have learned to accept that bad things happen, and that people will let you down. That’s life. Put your mascara back on and know full well that God has a bigger plan, a better plan in store for you. But you have to learn lessons along the way. Change your mind and thank God for saving you from something terrible you can’t imagine. Thank Him for letting you live another day.  Pray. Pray He will show you what you need to change in your own life. Pray for people to come into your life that you can help and can help you. Be thankful for what you have and understand that good will always come back.